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Looking great on the beach this summer with cosmetic tattoo

10 November 2016
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Many people rely on makeup to look and feel great each day. Unfortunately, as the weather heats up and people start heading for the beach it can be harder to maintain a flawless appearance. Here are some options to look good in and out of the water.  Eyebrow tattoos Eyebrows have a huge impact on the appearance of the face, framing the eyes and emphasising the bone structure. A full and well-groomed brow can make you look polished, even without any other makeup on.
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General Types of Hearing Loss You Could Be Suffering From

17 October 2016
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Although you may suspect your hearing has started failing, it would be prudent to have an audiological test conducted. This comprehensive exam helps the doctor determine the cause of your individual hearing loss, which would give them the chance to establish the best course of treatment for your needs. It should be noted that not all forms of hearing loss can be corrected. In some cases, the use of hearing aids may be your only recourse to getting some semblance of hearing back.
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