Tips For Supporting Your Back During Pregnancy

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Tips For Supporting Your Back During Pregnancy

Tips For Supporting Your Back During Pregnancy

26 September 2022
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There's no denying that your back faces a lot of strain during pregnancy. As you begin to produce more progesterone, your muscles will soften and relax. Your muscles will also support your bump as it grows and they'll play an increasingly secondary role in bolstering your pelvic floor. From Day One, there are actions you can take to ensure your back is supported.

Choose The Right Mattress

Even though you're mostly stationary while you sleep, having the right mattress is essential for keeping your back comfortable. If it's been a while since you last replaced your mattress, now's the time to replace it. However, if you can't replace your mattress right now, consider placing a hard board beneath it for extra support. You may also find that a memory foam mattress topper helps. If you're experiencing a lot of back pain, ask your physiotherapist about pregnancy support pillows and wedges. They can even out your hips as you sleep, which then brings balance to your back muscles.

Try Massage Therapies

A little massage can go a long way when it comes to soothing aching back muscles while you're pregnant. However, it's always advisable to use someone who's adept at providing massages to pregnant women. Seek out a physiotherapist who holds such qualifications. Or, you can use your usual physio and ask them if they have any recommendations for a relevant professional. Alongside supporting your back, a massage can help to prevent or tackle sciatic nerve pains.

Refine Manual Handling Techniques

It's important to avoid lifting very heavy objects while you're pregnant. However, as many pregnant women will know, avoiding lifting altogether isn't always possible. For example, you may need to carry shopping or you might need to move certain objects around your home. Make sure you always bend at your knees. Additionally, when handling a heavy item, don't twist your back; turn your body completely instead. Don't lean forward when picking up items, either. Instead, keep your back straight and stay within your physical base. If you're unsure about manual handling, ask your physiotherapist for advice.

Attend Group Classes

Some pregnant women find that they develop aches such as hip joint pain that radiates to their back. In a small number of cases, that pain can feel as though it's unmanageable. Your physiotherapist may offer group classes that you can attend to make the pain better. They may also recommend one on one advice so they can assess what further support they can give you. For example, they might offer bump support belts that shift some of the weight away from your back to take the edge off the pain.

Turn to a physiotherapy service to learn more.

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