Looking great on the beach this summer with cosmetic tattoo

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Looking great on the beach this summer with cosmetic tattoo

Looking great on the beach this summer with cosmetic tattoo

10 November 2016
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Many people rely on makeup to look and feel great each day. Unfortunately, as the weather heats up and people start heading for the beach it can be harder to maintain a flawless appearance. Here are some options to look good in and out of the water. 

Eyebrow tattoos

Eyebrows have a huge impact on the appearance of the face, framing the eyes and emphasising the bone structure. A full and well-groomed brow can make you look polished, even without any other makeup on. Cosmetic tattooing can be a great way to achieve this look in hot and/or wet environments where normal makeup techniques may not be appropriate. In the past few years some improved techniques for the cosmetic tattooing of the eyebrows, including microblading, have hit the market. Microblading, which is done by shading on a hair by hair basis using a very fine tattoo needle, creates a natural fullness and shape to the brows. This technique is permanent although it may require updating every few years as it can fade. 

Permanent eyeliner

Another popular cosmetic tattooing option is permanent eyeliner which can be done on the top, bottom or both eyelash lines. This creates the impression of a fuller set of eyelashes and can be accompanied by semi-permanent options such as eyelash tinting. This can help to emphasise your eyes and is particularly popular for people lighter or sparser eyelashes. A skilled technician can advise on which shade of tattoo and thickness of line may be best suited to your face. 

Lip lining and repigmentation tattoos

While there are a growing number of 'long life' lipsticks on the market, these are still often not able to withstand the pressures of a full day at a beach and may fade unevenly creating a patchy appearance. Lip tattoos can add definition to the lips by adding more pigmentation, while still having a natural appearance. Again an experienced technician can help you choose a shade of tattoo which will fit in with your skin tone and provide a natural definition which still giving your flexibility to try a range of different lipsticks for different looks when you want to wear normal makeup. 

If you are looking to get some permanent makeup applied so that you can look great at the beach, you should visit an experienced tattooist. They can help you to choose styles and shades that will emphasise and flatter your facial features. 

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