How to Maintain and Improve Your Health

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How to Maintain and Improve Your Health

Heal Your Back Pain With Yoga Exercises

22 September 2014
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Are you suffering from back pain? Back pain is a common problem with many causes, and usually it is not related to a serious injury. Often it is lifestyle factors that contribute to back pain--sitting for long periods, incorrect posture or not exercising regularly are common culprits. If you can pinpoint that your back pain is due to a lifestyle factor, yoga can help relieve this pain if you practice these yoga poses correctly and regularly.
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Top Tips to Remember When Evaluating Trauma Patients

3 July 2014
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

To say that trauma patients need urgent care is truly an understatement. Every single second that passes after they have suffered a major trauma can quickly become life-threatening – especially if they are not being assessed properly and in a timely fashion by a licensed healthcare professional. When working with a trauma patient, here are several tips to remember in order to quickly reach a confirmed diagnosis successfully. Not All Pain Can Be Relieved
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How to Maintain and Improve Your Health

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