Sports Physio Sessions: Tips to Help With Exercising With an Injury

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Sports Physio Sessions: Tips to Help With Exercising With an Injury

Sports Physio Sessions: Tips to Help With Exercising With an Injury

20 November 2020
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It is crucial that you give your body enough time to heal before you can get back to exercising and being your active and sporty self. That said, sports physio experts agree that keeping up with a light and targeted exercise routine is good even as you work towards recovering from the injury. Here are essential pointers to keep in mind when exercising with an injury.

Listen to the Experts

Your primary care physician will be the first to give or withhold the green light on exercising as you recover. This will depend on factors such as the location of the injury and its nature and severity. Your physician can also recommend a sports physio expert to work with if you do get the go-ahead. Stick to the physiotherapist's recommendation on the type of exercises to do, and how long you should keep up with the routine.

Work Towards Modifications

Your therapist will come up with exercises for your sports physio sessions, but twitching them up or modifying them so they work for you is always a welcome idea. If you feel some discomfort or pain when doing specific exercises, be sure to tell your physiotherapist as much. If these exercises do well to help you with your recovery, your physiotherapist will not do away with them from your routine as you progress. Instead, you can help the therapist modify the exercises so that you can reap all these benefits without straining your body too much.

Listen to Your Body

It is not uncommon for the sports physio sessions to run smoothly with no problems and have things change after a couple of sessions. If you feel some pain while doing a particular exercise, move onto the next one. You need not be brave or force yourself to work through the pain. Pay close attention to how your body responds when you are doing your exercises. If, even with the modifications, you realise that specific exercises or the entire routine is not working for you, then you may need to go back to the drawing board and, with the help of your therapist, re-do your sports physio plans.

Managing sports-related injuries and promoting a full and quick recovery is a big part of sports physio. Follow the outlined tips, and you can safely exercise and enjoy the full benefits of staying active even as you recover from the injury. Reach out to a professional for more information about sports physiotherapy

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