Eat These Foods To Fight Bad Breath

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Eat These Foods To Fight Bad Breath

Eat These Foods To Fight Bad Breath

3 January 2017
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While many people are afraid of waking up with bad breath, others can't put up with it while at work. Regardless of how you look at it, foul breath is not only annoying but also embarrassing.

Here are the foods you need to eat to fight bad breath:

Yogurt and cheese

Dietary acids are some of the reasons you have bad breath. Eating a piece of cheese neutralizes dietary acids that might be stuck on your teeth.

Unsweetened yogurt might also be handy. Take two servings of unsweetened yogurt every day. By doing so, you'll be able to drastically reduce hydrogen sulfide levels. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the compounds that cause awful breath.

Crunchy stuff

Sticky and soft foods that are trapped on your teeth cause bacteria build up and awful odor. Consequently, you need to munch snacks that are neither sticky nor soft. Celery, carrots, and apples are great at scrubbing your teeth. They help strip away all the leftover bits, thus assisting you to fight off bad breath.


Compounds or polyphenols contained in black tea help you fight bad breath in two ways. Primarily, they prevent bacteria growth that causes foul breath. Secondly, polyphenols or compounds decrease the production of bacteria by stinky byproducts. Black tea also prevents tooth decay. It's true to say that the steaming beverage makes an incredible mouth freshener.

The only caveat is that you shouldn't take too much of it. Too much caffeine dries out your mouth. Therefore, keep your intake to moderate levels.

Sugarless gum and candies

All snacks that increase the flow of saliva in your mouth such as sugar-free gum or candy help fight foul odor in your mouth. So which flavor is the best to chew? Mint is great at temporarily masking bad smells. Cinnamon actually helps to stop awful breath right at the source. Cinnamon contains an essential oil known as cinnamic aldehyde, which is effective at reducing odor-causing bacteria.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds not only aid in digestion, but they also help neutralize offensive odors. By consuming the seeds, you'll be able to raise the saliva levels in your mouth. Saliva washes away all the bacteria inside your mouth. The fact that fennel seeds boast antibacterial properties means that they fight bad-breath causing germs.


If your mouth is dry, it can make your breath unbearable. Water acts as artificial saliva. It washes away leftover pieces of garlic bread. Always have a water bottle in your workplace; your colleagues will be grateful for it! Say goodbye to foul breath by taking the above foods.

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